by Wallace D. Wattles and Dr. Judith Powell

A timeless work that speaks to the heart and stirs the fires of the soul.
The second in the trilogy of answers.
Where "The Science of Getting Rich" guides you to the
KEYS of financial success.
THE SCIENCE OF BECOMING EXCELLENT supplies you with the solutions to a better future for reaching your peak potential.

You hold within yourself your own Principle of Power.

With awareness of this Principle, your mental faculties will be intelligently developed and purposely directed towards infinite greatness.

No person has yet become so great in any faculty where it is not possible for someone else to become greater!

The plan of action laid down in this book will enable you to acknowledge
and guide your growth potential toward true fulfillment.

Life is too short to wait around for the world to effect you. YOU MUST AFFECT LIFE.

"You are designed to experience total completion. You are designed to be spiritually aware, mentally creative, emotionally well, physically vital, happy in relationships, and to be a goal-achiever.

To settle for only partial fulfillment is error, and you will never be truly satisfied until you rise above and are free of all barriers which restrict and limit your soul's aspirations."

--from Foreword by Roy Eugene Davis

Bonus Chapter: Emerson's "Oversoul"

ISBN 0-914295-96-9, Quality Paperback,
160 pages, $8.95 Plus $5.50 U.S. Shipping

There Are Three Books In Wattles\Powell
The Science Of... Series
 The Science Of Becoming Excellent
 The Science Of Getting Rich
The Science Of Well Being

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